My Name is Marty

I am a front-end developer from Philadelphia (now based in San Diego), who specializes in building functional user interfaces and Web APIs. I'm big on code quality, testing that makes sense, and creating extremely modular, re-usable code. Over my career, I've gained experience in the eCommerce, cloud hosting, and sports-betting industries. But right now I'm working at Iterable, a cross-channel marketing platform, building a JavaScript and NodeJS SDK for the purposes of making the development experience easy on their customers.

I like a lot of tech, but I'm really partial to the React and TypeScript ecosystem. In fact, I like React and TypeScript so much that I've created a just a handful of starter projects, for quick bootstrapping. If you'd like to see what I'm working on in my spare time, please refer to my GitHub account or take a look at the Projects section below. If you'd like to get in touch, use that contact form.

Some notable work-related projects I've worked on include:


Barcart Live | on Github

Barcart is a digitized version of a cocktail recipe book. Plain and simple - the user enters the ingredients they have on their shelf and the app will generate the list of cocktails that can be made with those ingredients. Users can login and search for cocktails, while admin users can create and delete ingredients and cocktails. This project calls a Python/Flask-based API for data. The front-end was built in React and TypeScript.

Authorization API on Github

This authorization API is a Python/Flask-based service, capable of handling authorization for users. It exposes of few different endpoints for creating accounts, logging in and out, and getting the user's profile. Logged in users are returned an API token valid for 15 minutes that can then be used to validate subsequent requests and finally blacklisted when the user calls the logout endpoint.

Open Source Contributions

I believe contributing to open-source projects is important - it's what makes building tools on the web fun. Here's some projects I've contributed to in the past: